How do I search the Spoonflower site?

Our search engine functions similarly to Google.  If you are searching for 'old brick wall,' the first results returned will be a match for all three words 'old,' 'brick,' and 'wall.' As your scroll down the returned search results, you will begin to see designs that are a match for just two of the words, perhaps "brick" and "wall" and eventually, designs that might be a match for just one of the words 'brick' or 'wall.'

Different Ways to Find the Designs You Are Looking For
You can search for a single word 'blue' or you can search for multiple words like 'blue china.' In the case of a search for 'blue china', designs with the highest relevancy, meaning they contain tags for both 'blue' and 'china,' will be returned first.  Designs with either term, 'blue' or 'china,' will also appear in the search results but will be lower down. 

If you would prefer to just look at designs that are a match for 'blue' and 'china,' you can type it as follows in the search bar: 'blue and china' OR '+blue +china.' This will return results that are a match for both terms.  

To exclude designs with a particular term from your search results, you can use the minus sign.  For example, 'blue -china' will return results that are a match for 'blue' but don't also include the search tag 'china.'  

To match an exact phrase, use quotes to define what you are looking for, i.e. "blue china." This is a great way to find an exact design for which you already know the name or title.


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